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38 Glazed Lava ideas | lava, glazed brick, stone countertops

Stone Fabrication, the best granite, marble enameled lava stone fabricator.Kitchen counter tops, vanity tops all made with the most beautiful material. Fabricator of glazed lava stone in the USA, fabricator to the experts, expert stone fabricator

Lava Tiles | Glazed Lava Tiles | Design Lava Stone

LAVA TILE-GLAZED LAVA. The project ONIROLAVA started as a challenge to elevate an ancient enamelling technique to meet today''s trends and quality standards. ONIROLAVA offers a series of handmade lava stone washbasins. Every piece is carefully carved ...

A rare and natural stone

The remarkable destiny of the Pyrolave glazed lava couldn''t begin without our men''s unique skill and expertise in extracting the stone. The stone is primarily hand-quarried from our opencast quarries on the Nugère crater, in the heart of the Natural Park of the

Pyrolave Australia, Suppliers of glazed lavastone.

glazed Volvic lava stone The Pyrolave brand is recognised throughout the world by architects & interior designers looking for that special touch to create unique personalised projects. Pyrolave''s Volvic lava stone and exquisite enamel glazes makes this product the premium choice for construction and design projects requiring an exceptional signature.

Swimming Pools & Spas

Beyond its robust qualities, non-porosity and resistance to acids and UV damage, Pyrolave glazed lava is inert when immersed in water. It''s an ideal material for pools and spas, as for the water line and the pool terrace, guaranteeing a matching and harmonious effect. Pyrolave have helped to create some of the most stunning pools and spas ...


Natural stone mosaics and handmade glazed lava tiles make all the difference, with variations and textures that a digital machine could never pull off. Whether it''s flooring, walls, a kitchen backsplash, a fireplace, or a space where you simply want to make a statement, our analog process is …

Pyrolave Australia, Suppliers of glazed lavastone.

Glazed lava stone from Pyrolave is a premium material of choice for bar tops and servery counters, not only for its unique aethetic qualities, but also for its strength and resilience, coupled with ease of maintenance in busy situations of high activity. Whether the design incorporates straight lines or large radius curves and elegant corners ...

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Glazed lava stone is a product of nature, recognised by its playful surface, containing small marks and spots, which stem from the process of hand-glazing each surface and firing the lava stone in a kiln at more than 1000 degrees. The marks are considered a beauty ...

Manufacture of glazed lava stone furniture

Manufacture of the lava stone. The lava comes from Java volcanoes in compact blocks. The lava is divided into smaller blocks, then sliced and glazed. The lava stone is from Indonesia but our enamel comes from France. Enameled lava is heat twice in excess of 1000°c for eight hours. This process ensures the high-resistance of the enamel.

Glazed Lava Stone Tiles from Turkey

 · Glazed Lava Stone Tiles from Turkey, The details include pictures,sizes,color,material and origin.You can contact the supplier - F-A MERMER GRANIT IC VE DIS TICARET SAN. LTD.. Ind*** Wrote: Hi, I am looking for this crackle glazed stone table top for size 480 ...

Designer Lava Stone Glazes Archives

The Lava Stone Colors are a Non-Toxic textured glaze. Available in 4-oz., 8-oz., pints and gallons. There are 10 colors available. Application: When applying Lava Stones you should apply each coat as smoothly as possible. Apply coats in the same direction.

Kitchen furniture with glazed lava stone

Enameled lava stone kitchen Our kitchen tops in glazed lava stone are produced by craftsmen out of blocks of raw lava extracted from the volcanoes. This grey lava of excellent quality shows a homogeneous look, and is strengthened by several layers of enamel baked twice at 1000°C for a total of 8 hours, giving the innovative pieces unequaled physical resistance:

Lava Stone

The lava stone is one of a kind. Using glazed colors and relaxing properties, this stone of rebirth is class and elegance in one design. See the full catalog here The story of LAVA Collection As a beautiful, colorful, volcanic stone, the LAVA collection has no pair.

Glazed Lava Stone

Glazed lava stone is a unique and handcrafted material that expresses the natural aspect of lava. It offers the inherent strength of the volcanic stone combined with all the surface qualities associated with enamels. The density of the lava rock stone allows it be used ...


Product Details. Product Code S11-RLS-3DONDA. Material Glazed Lava Stone. Origin Italy. Thickness 15-30mm. Collection 3D Lava Stone Tiles. Finish Glossy. Fire rating Class A. …

Glazed Lavastone and Tiles – Kitchens and Bathrooms …

Glazed Tiles - Border Strip Collection - Special Pieces - Bowls and Basins - Lava Stone - Les Panneaux Décorés - Stone & Marble - Granite - Quartz - Our Colors - Our offer, and More RSS Feeds Association''s members Terres de Salernes: Alain Vagh

Lava Stone

Crackle Glazed. Normal Glaze. Fambe Glaze. Grid. List. 1"x1" Lavastone Mosaic & Tile for Wall Covering. Ralart Mosaic''s stone mosaic is a premium and luxury mosaic, it''s available in materials marble, slate and lava stone etc. 23x23mm Beige and Grey Lava Stone Mosaic Tile for Walls Surface Decor. Ralart Mosaic''s stone mosaic is a ...

Lava Calda

Material Glazed lava stone, also known as basalt Color 3"x9" Field available in: Grey, Lava Black, Metallic Black, Peacock, Rustic Greige and Soft White 2" Hex and Random Stick Mosaics available in: Grey Blend, White Blend Chev and Cube Mosaics available

Glazing lava stone surfaces

Glazing offers countless possibilities to transform the lava stone surface. Once molten lava, lava rock stone can withstand the very high temperatures used in the glazing process. Lava stone tiles, countertops and tables can be coated with an enamel glaze, and fired at a very high temperature to reveal a bewildering palette of colors and a wide range of opportunities for interior design projects.

Pyrolave Australia, Suppliers of glazed lavastone.

Work top surfaces can incorporate drainage boards, set-down wet areas, fully concealed induction cooking arenas, hot and cold stone technology, and bespoke sinks in glazed lava stone. Pyrolave''s strength and stability enables the creation of ''massive'' formats honed out from monolithic blocks of solid stone to form large signature pieces such as vanity and sink basins.

All about Lava Stone Counter Tops

 · Lava stone counter tops colors See the attached pictures to obtain an idea of the vivid shades readily available in enamel glazed Lava Stone countertops. There are several common shades to choose from and also an unlimited ability to color suits your examples.


Glazed lava stone is a basalt lava product with majolica decorations in the surface. Since the word "majolica" identifies a wide range of terracotta products, the most correct definition is "majolica on lava stone". Thanks to the ceramic aesthetic potentialities, combined with the mechanical and physical resistance of the basalt, glazed ...


I Colori is a series of glazed porcelain tile, in a spectrum of solid colors, produced in the Lake Como region of northern Italy. In general, mosaics can be difficult to maintain in flooring applications with heavier traffic, particularly due to the amount of grout required. Textured materials are more difficult to maintain than honed or polished.

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Pyrolave Glazed Volcanic Lava | Stone Façades | Unique in its appearance, the depth of this glaze is truly remarkable. Typically, 30mm thick when used for cladding, Pyrolave Rainscreen is sold as a system in conjunction with our fixing system. Unglazed lava has been used as a façade material for many years, and there are examples in France of buildings which have used glazed lava, that are ...


 · Both glazed and pure gray lava stone are put together in a perfect balance that emphasizes the beauty and the decorative versatility of the lava stone. This small table is a custom-made product ...

Treatment_Puka Lava Stone

Puka Lava stone belongs to one classify of basalt which is formed by when ejected magma condensate, digenetic and compaction. Black lava stone is very precious through the eruption of a porous shaped stone formation. After decreased rapidly

Terracotta Pottery


Lava Tiles | Glazed Lava Tiles | Design Lava Stone

LAVA TILE-GLAZED LAVA. The project ONIROLAVA started as a challenge to elevate an ancient enamelling technique to meet today''s trends and quality standards. ONIROLAVA offers a series of handmade lava stone washbasins. Every piece is …


Our glazed lava stone comes in a wide range of pastel and crystalline colors, which we have developed in recent years, while working with architects, designers, and clients, …

Lava Stone Design | Project in Glazed Lava Stone

Lava Stone Design''s deep know-how and 10 year expertise in the industry allows us to respond to various projects such as Hotel renovations, Design projects, Bar concepts or Villas'' design. Glazed lava stone is a great solution to architects as the panel of colours ...